Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a personal trainer? 

If you’re like the rest of us, you may have been planning to start a fitness program for quite awhile. It’s hard to get the ball rolling by yourself. A personal trainer will help you by setting up an exercise program that meets your needs, incorporates your personal lifestyle and gives you the enthusiastic support you need to fulfill your fitness goals.

Does yoga really relieve stress? 

Yoga is a great stress reliever. It is also an excellent part of an overall fitness program. Yoga tones your body, helps you integrate mind, body and soul, and relaxes you to face the challenges in your everyday life.

How soon will I see results from my fitness program? 

You will begin to feel results almost immediately. The harder you work at your program, the sooner you will see results. We can also give you nutrition tips that will help you make faster progress.

What are some of the benefits I’ll enjoy by improving my fitness? 

You will have improved concentration, more energy for doing the things you like and for working, and you will lengthen your life. You’ll feel better emotionally, too. Your sleep will improve, your heart will get stronger, and you will have more resistance to colds, flu and many other diseases.

Are your workshops and classes crowded? 

No, our fitness workshops and classes are not crowded. We keep them small in order to give you the most personal attention possible.

Does Jo-Jo travel for special a yoga or fitness class in our community? 
Yes, JOJo is happy to travel to your area.

For more information, please call 
(917) 532-6707 or e-mail: 
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