VIRTUAL/ IN PERSON RYT 200 hrs Teacher Training School

RYT 200hrs Teacher Training




jojo-teacher-trainingUnwind with kindness and experience the compassionate and healing teachings of yoga. Practicing with Yoga4Soul will enable you to:

  • Abandon your fears and connect to your inner power source
  • Develop a flexible body so you can move easily through life
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Learn to breathe in between thoughts and soften your senses
  • Become acquainted with Yoga History and Philosophy 101
  • Walk the eight fold path which is yoga’s code to living in right action
  • Teach you all the techniques on surviving as a certified yoga teacher
The Yoga4Soul teacher training gives you the opportunity to become RYT 200hrs certified Yoga teacher. We offer a wonderful schedule for your convenience, as well as small group with payment plan available.
Payment Plan Available for the three month course

The format consists of synchronized movements with breath. This vigorous practice is done in a relaxed manner with breath that is used as a constant point of reference for returning to and resting in the present moment. Every class includes flowing Vinyasa sequences, standing and seated poses, twists and backbends. Every class includes Sanskrit chanting, yogic philosophical teachings, breathing practices, meditation and deep relaxation for a full Vinyasa workout.


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