Teachers’ Survival Kit/Power Hour workshop

Even the most experienced instructors and personal trainers sometimes lose focus. It’s happened to all of us. Cuing is more than just explaining an exercise, it’s coaching.

Fitness instructors/trainers there is more then just working at a gym.

  • Are you taking advantage of with advertisement with no credit?
  • Are you teaching all over the place?
  • Do you have insurance, 401 K?
  • Are you teaching classes you hate?
  • Mixing music using a Max/ipad.

I’ve seen instructors at both extremes: some second-guess everything they do, and continually give their power away to the class or client.

  • Are you teaching a million classes?
  • Running all over the place from club to club?
  • How could you boost your fitness income?
  • Are you promoting other companies programs and not yourself ?
  • Discover your full being on this earth!

Back by popular demand!
The Teachers Survival Kit is on and popping!!!

This course is AFAA Approved 8.0 ceu’s!!! NASM 0.8
Cost: $ 75.00

Location TBA

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