VIRTUAL/IN PERSON Yoga/Pilates, Personal Training

VIRTUAL/IN PERSON Yoga/Pilates/HITT, Personal Training

Groups,Corporate or Private Rates:

Virtual / IN PERSON Training Specials:

First Timer consulting fee: $90.00

Single Session: $80.00

5 sessions: $ 350.00/saves $50.00 EXPIRES (One Month)

10 sessions: $720.00/ save $80.00 (Must be two sessions a week)

15 sessions: $1100.00/ save $100.00 (Must be three sessions a week)

20 sessions: $1400.00/save $200.00 (Must be three sessions a week)

GROUPS: Yoga/Pilates Mat session $150.00 for 75 minutes (5 people limited)

(Please note prices change depending on location)Edit


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